Choices, Choices

Thought I would share a little behind the scenes process of a kitchen that will soon be photographed.  In choosing finish materials, I usually present clients with two options based on their desired style, functional goals, etc. These concept boards, combined with actual material samples can be an aha! moment when narrowing an infinite array of options into a cohesive design.

Which do you think was the winning combination?


Real estate upgrades in preparation for listing are a delicate balance between maximizing improvement value and appealing to target buyers, without spending more than you hope to recover in the sale.

We recently completed a renovation of this investment property condominium in Seattle, resulting in dramatic improvements and exceeding the targeted asking price. The client and ACI identified new flooring, paint, cabinetry and lighting as ‘first impression’ priorities. We also allotted funds for new appliances and upgraded doors throughout. Goodbye mirrored closets…

We removed a dark sliding door which interrupted the panoramic view and divided the large rooms awkwardly.  Now the focus is immediately on the view- a distinguishing selling point.  We replaced the dated and damaged floors and fireplace.  These simple, cost effective solutions transitioned this unit from dark and dated to fresh, clean, and welcoming.


To our unsolicited surprise, ACI was awarded a “Best of Houzz” award for 2016 in the design category.  Design award winners’ work was the most popular among the more than 35 million monthly users on Houzz.

This kitchen photo, one of our very first design projects, had over 20,000 user saves. Here’s to 2016 and the great clients and projects ahead!


It’s the time of year when felt comes out in big colorful ways.  Here are two companies transcending the craft table- taking their felt designs to the next level.  Warm and Bright.

Danskina Rugs and Wallcoverings

Eno Rug

Cork and Felt Rug Detail

Submaterial Panels, Constructs, Wallcovering and Objects

Index Dimensional Wide Panel

Custom Merino Wall Panel


September is the new January!  We’re back inside, back to school, and could all use a little help when it comes to creating great spaces for the “little helpers” in our lives. What makes a space great for kids? Natural light… room to move… a canvas for creativity… Let these product picks spark some inspiration.


Add (good looking) storage wherever possible.

This stacked shelving system from DWR is stylish enough to for any grown up space, and allows for infinite attractive storage arrangements.


Embrace fiber technology.  Read: stain protection

Your dining room chairs don’t need to look like a medical waiting room.  Crypton is out, Sunbrella Fabrics are in.  Besides being sun resistant, they are inherently stain proof.  Juice anyone?


Keep it whimsical. 

With accessible (and brilliant) designs for children pouring in from every catalog, this is not hard to find.  Use the opportunity to go bolder than you might in the rest of your home.  It all works!

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